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We've contributed to many health, news, and media outlets about fitness, nutrition, and health.


Click the links below to see some of the stories we've been featured in. 

CN Traveler: Jet Lag Nutrition

Ask Men: Cheat Meals

Ask Men: Sugar Detox

Shape: Pre- and Post- Workout Supplements

PT on The Net: The Nutrition Compliance Variance

Furthermore Equinox: TRENDING: BEET SUGAR

Men’s Health: Why Protein Makes You Fart

Men’s Health: 6 Foods That Are Jam-Packed With Electrolytes

Men’s Health: Nordic Diet Benefits

Silver Sneakers: 14 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

The Vitamin Shoppe: Six Pack Nutrition Are Eggs Healthy?

MyfitnessPal: 5 Ways to Change Your Set Point Weight.

B/SPOKE: Do I Need A Daily Supplement?

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