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Catalyst Performance Training is more than just working out. We are a community of like-minded individuals who wish to move better, eat better, and enjoy life more every day while achieving their true potential.


We are fueled by our passion and are here to help you reach all of your goals.


Regardless of the client's goal, the goal for us remains the same: Make a Positive Impact.


One thing that we always stress here at Catalyst is accountability. Usually, it's us holding our clients accountable for their actions. But, what about us? Everyone needs to be held accountable. That is why we came up with these core values which guide us as a staff and an organization. This is what is expected of every staff member that represents the Catalyst community. This is our promise to you. Every. Day.


1. Bring your best...Always.  


2. Dedicated to continuous improvement; skills, knowledge, and character.  


3. Committed to making others better: clients, athletes, friends, and family.


4. Someone who has integrity and is honest and transparent.  


5. Always maintaining a positive attitude.


6.  Passionate.


7. Takes action, is driven and lives with urgency.  


8. Exceeds expectations.


9. Be about "We", not "Me"  


10. Gives without asking for anything in return.


Structure, guidance, and accountability are exactly what you will get at Catalyst. We achieve this through individualized programming and assessment, safe and effective coaching to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workouts, and communication both inside and outside the gym. All of these components of training are very critical to setting you up for success when it comes to achieving your goals and improving your health.




Get rid of those unwanted pounds through a combination of corrective exercise, strength training, and conditioning.  Lose weight and feel great!




There is more to becoming an elite athlete than being the guy on the team with the biggest bench press or running the fastest 40. Athlete development is all about building a foundation, adding some horsepower to that foundation, and effectively transferring the newfound horsepower to the sport. In this program, you will improve all the training targets that go into developing a high-performance athlete. These include maximum strength, explosiveness/power, conditioning, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility, and the ability to transfer force in a “sport-specific” manner.




Mobility, activation work, stretching, myofascial release. All of these tools will help correct muscle imbalances, inefficient movement patterns and improper muscle firing patterns, and postural issues, all of which can nag you day-to-day no matter how physically demanding your lifestyle is.   Address those issues and get rid of those aches and pains!




Clients will have a complimentary sit-down consultation and assessment before beginning their training. This will give us a good idea of where you are and what we need to do to help you get to where you want to be. The assessment will (but not in all cases) include postural pictures, before/after pictures, skinfold measurements, movement pattern analysis, athletic performance testing (athletes only), joint range of motion, muscle stiffness/length, and muscle strength/weakness testing.  This is crucial in developing an effective program.  




The program is designed specifically for your goals and needs. Before our first session together, you will receive a copy of your program. This ensures that even when you are training in the gym on your own, you will know exactly what you need to do for your training session. The program can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on the client's goals, frequency of training per week, and previous training experience.  The program is so crucial for getting results.  This is the road map for your training experience.


Cross Fit Class

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