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New Year, New You? Learn to Be Patient

With the New Year in full swing, it's important to remember that:

Results don't happen at the rate your mind desires – They occur at the rate your body allows.

Nothing in our lives goes up linearly (or down in this case), yet we assume that weight loss should and will. Your physical fitness progress will be a slow, cumbersome, drudging process. It will be the ultimate test of your patience. You will have micro periods where you have tremendous progress punctuated with stages of near absolute stasis. At the same time, your body gets acclimated to its new state. It is a constant limbo of change. Just because you stall for a short period does NOT necessarily mean that you need to change anything in your approach or program. The need to overcome this "plateau" is a massive misconception and one that derails people's hard work and effort. Sometimes you just need to give your body the time to adapt and assimilate to its new state before you can keep pushing forward.

Like driving a fast car, the greatest acceleration is measured from the point of origin (e.g., 0-60). As you go faster and faster, the acceleration decreases. As with every stage of weight loss, your body needs to change gears to reach higher top speed. Each gear change involves small moments of deceleration before you can continue at a faster speed.

So as you kick off your New Years' resolutions… Remember to be patient, stay the course, and keep putting in the work!

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