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Why the “Boring” stuff is the most important….

Why the “Boring” stuff is the most important…. 7-day detox diets. Supplements with outrageous claims. Workout programs from social media "influencers" with no actual credentials or experience coaching people in person. The fitness industry is filled with catchy buzzwords, messages that prey on people's fears with no scientific rationale behind them, and just TONS of poor, misleading information that can be easily be found by typing a few buttons on your phone & hitting "search". This will never change. There's too much money to be made, too much status to be "achieved," and quite frankly too many people that will believe these messages being shared until they go through it themselves only to realize that it doesn't work, but then they will fall victim to the next scheme. This is where we find that it is our duty to provide nothing, but honest & true information so that we're truly helping each & every one of you. Now, some simple truth that will 100% work if you follow it at least 80% of the time: -Eat more protein -Eat less processed carbohydrates (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.) -Eat more vegetables and then eat MORE vegetables -Get either more sleep or better quality of sleep -Don't let every minor negative occurrence throughout your day turn into a tidal wave of stress. Your body can't handle that for the long haul. There you go. Boring, simple advice that works if done 80% of the time. Now here's why we look for other alternatives than the advice listed above…. Because boring stuff is really, really hard. Start small. Find a way to make it simple and then build from there.

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